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About JHI
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Who are the JHI Torah classes for?
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Who are the JHI Torah Classes for?

All JHI programming is entirely welcoming to Jews of every level and type of observance (or non-observance). As already mentioned, JHI does not proselytize. Rather, it only seeks to educate Jews on the subject of what exactly their great heritage consists of.


Additionally, almost all JHI Torah study events are designed to be understandable to all attendees, even those with absolutely no Jewish or Hebrew knowledge and background. One exception is the Sunday morning in depth Talmud group, which caters to those who have attended yeshiva.


The classes are academically stimulating and participatory. And they are relevant and meaningful. A commonly heard refrain from those who attend classes, especially in AGADAH (see the section, "About JHI Torah Classes), is that a recently discussed theoretical Torah idea just came up in real life.


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