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About JHI
Torah Classes

Who are the JHI Torah classes for?
Descriptions of Present and Past JHI Class Topics and Activities
Regarding the Weekly Torah Reading

CHUMASH (Bible): The five books of Moses, also referred to in the Talmud as "The Written Law." These classes focus on the stories of the Bible as explained by the Talmud and centuries of clasical commentators.


TALMUD (Judaism's Oral Law): The Talmud itself is a compendium of rabbinic discussions on Jewish law, ethics, ritual, and history. The JHI classes on this subject explore the system of Talmudic reasoning and its unfathomable depths.


MUSSAR refers to the Torah's teachings on human psycology and ethical principles.

Cheshbon Hanefesh (Accounting of the Soul): An 18th century work of Torah that was treasured by scholars who directed extra focus on ethics and self-improvement. It contains deep insights into the makeup of human personality, and it details a comprehensive program to actually improve one�s character traits.


Mishlei (The Book of Proverbs written by King Solomon): as explained by the Talmud and its commentators (not currently being offered).


Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers): The moral and practical teachings of the great Rabbis quoted in the Talmud who lived roughly between 500 BCE and 200 CE.


Holiday Preparation Classes: Before some Jewish holidays, classes are offered on their underlying themes and how they are observed (or at least how they have been observed throughout the centuries.)






We are always open to requests for Torah classes on topics of interest. Also, schedule permitting, Rabbi Ganz and Rabbi Milder are willing to study with individuals or very small groups.


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