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About JHI
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Regarding the Weekly Torah Reading

The Weekly Torah Reading

Torah Law teaches that entire Chumash (The Five Books of Moses) should be divided up so that one section of it is read in the synagogue on every Sabbath of the year. And on the joyous holiday of Simchas Torah we always complete the entire cycle and begin a new one.


There is a centuries-old tradition (of possibly Kabalistic origin) that somehow, the events in a personís lifetime during any given week correlate to the events discussed in the Torah Portion of the coming Sabbath. Those verses of the Chumash contain guidance on how to wisely and successfully navigate one's week.


Jews therefore have long had the custom of studying the weekly Torah reading with an eye on what is then going on in their lives.


For this reason the JHI classes on Chumash (Bible) generally focus on passages from what will be read on the coming Sabbath.


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